The ones that got away

Since my two cousins live here closeby, maybe a 26 minute drive, we had scheduled up a time to meet. What's it been? 5, 8 years? When we were smaller our families used to hang out alot, so yeah, we were pretty close. Then the same old, usual story came and went. Their father worked within some international business and had gotten a major job oppertunity along with a promotion. They gratefully accepted it and moved over there super fast. All of a sudden we never met eachother anymore, alomst didn't even contact eachother any longer. One of them had seen a post about me being here and they contacted me right after. i had would ofcourse try to contact them, infact i found that to be on my to-do list but so far down that i couldn't even recall it. I actually looked forward into meeting them once again, i mean after all we had a lot of recapping to do. I talked to them on the phone, telling them i would just do a few things first before heading to them. It was all basic stuff nothing special or remarkable really. On my way there i had alot of flashbacks and memories from the past, thinking of my childhood. I didn't really know what to expect from them. I had no idea if they were like back in the days in sweden or if they've changed to a more american behavior. When finally pulling up at the driveway they actually saw me comming and came out to greet me. Lots of long, tight hugs and the infinite telling of how long it's been and how much you've changed. The same old ditto. My two cousins were Micheal and Leah. Judging from their greetings i can tell they've stayed pretty much the same. It felt good to know that no major refinements were have to be done. We basicly just chatted and told stories. You know, the classic reunion rutines. We surely had a great laugh and enjoyed our presence.
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