It's a new day!

The sun was sparkeling, the birds were singing, the kids outside were playing and i woke up all awake without any feel of tiredness which you often get, like every regular damn morning. I grabbed a slow, steady and great breakfast, just simply rejoicing every secound that pasted. After a little mornign stretch, i decided to take on the beautiful streets just shimmering right at me and go for a little trip around in the inviting weather.
On my journey i came across alot of different shops (of course) i really wanted to check pretty much every single one of them out but that would take way to much time. i decided not to actually enter any store, but there was one shop, not sure what kind, that looked really interesting and crowded. I went up to it and it turned out to be one of the better candy shops of San Diego. Cousin's Candy Shop! It's a very popular shop, not too big though! i decided to go and try something in there that they had to offer. The range of all the options were wide, plus it tasted god-like. Way better than anything candy i've tasted in Sweden. No wonder this place is crowded. I had actually heard alot of people talking about this place a little here and there and that could maybe have had me subconciusly end up there, who knows? But i really got to hand it to them though, the candy was actually really good and If you like your candy shops to be good, old-fahioned joints where you're picking up some incredible handmade goodies in a storefront that makes you think of your childhood, then this is the shop for you. Other than that, i had an awesome day. Hope to have more of this.
Cousin's Candy Shop, Old Town, San Diego.
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