I am going to meet some relatives in a few days so i had myself go to some stores looking for a few gifts. It wasn't as blood-pumping as i thought it would but whatever, it had to be done. For my own sake aswell. On my way back from a store, i went through the main hall, checking for some diner or something in that style. Whilst passing by i got asked to stop by a man and a woman all trying to convince me to fill in a huge survey about foods. "Take one minute of your time for the sake of improvement".  A minute of my day, my ass. More like thirty minutes. I was busy trying to get to the Qualcomm Stadium to watch the San Diego Chargers in the NFL, i had no time to fill in some survey or anything at all. I was kinda running late and had like 28 minutes to get there, tops! It was a match up against Tennessee Titans. A really entertaining game i gotta say, glad i chose to go there after all. And "we", if you wanna put it that way, won the match with it resulting in a 38 to 10 win for the San Diego Chargers! Not alot in Sweden can compare to the things there are in here, everything is alot bigger and there are so many oppertunities and things to do.
The stadium was huge! The Qualcomm Stadium seats 71294 people and covers over 5 million square feet and has 19240 parking spaces. I had a good view even though i didn't have the best spot.
Qualcomm Stadium.
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